Month: February 2018

Railway Recruitment 2018 Updates: Age Limit, Fee, Qualifications

Railway Recruitment

Railway Recruitment 2018 Updates: Press Information Bureau, Government Of India has released updated notice regarding educational qualification, age limit and some other changes for the post of Group-D (Level 1) and ALP/Technician in Railway Recruitment Board. This move will facilitate more people to be a part of building New Railways for a New India. Since this recruitment […]

List Of Scientific Name Of Animals and Birds

Common Name Of Animals & Birds Scientific Name Peacock Pavo cristatus Fox Vulpes vulpes Tiger Panthera Tigris Horse Equus caballus Buffalow Babalus bubalis Dog Canis lupus familiaris Cat Felis domesticus Rhesus monkey or baudar Macaca mulatta Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius Rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis Kashmir stag or hangul Cervus canadensis hanglu Elephant Elephas maximus Chinkara Gazella bennettii […]

Consumer Rights in India

Rights and Duty of Consumers In India ( Consumer Court )

Consumer Rights under the Consumer Protection Act, India! Although businessman is aware of his social responsibilities even then we come across many cases of consumer exploitation. That is why government of India provided following rights to all the consumers under the Consumer Protection Act: Right to Safety Means right to be protected against the marketing […]

Rights of Employees

Rights of Employees

Basic rights of an employee in India 1. Leave is the right of all employees  Generally, an employee is given the following leaves during the course of his or her employment: Casual Leave: This is provided to an employee to take care of urgent or unseen matters like a family emergency; for example, employees can apply […]

Computer Abbreviations

Computer Abbreviations

A A/D Analog To Digital. ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit. ASCII American Standard Code For Information Interchange. ASR Automatic Send And Receive. ATM Automated Teller Machine. B BCD Binary Coded Decimal. BIOS Basic Input/Output System. BIS Business Information System. BPS Bits Per Second. C CAD Computer-Aided Design. CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering. CD Compact […]

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