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List of Important Days & Dates

Important Days & Dates

Here is the list of all month-wise important days and dates. These dates of national and international importance are very important for all government exams. January S.No. Date Day Theme , 2018 1 9th, January NRI Day Ancient Route, New Journey: Diaspora in the Dynamic ASEAN INDIA Partnership 2 12th, January National Youth Day Sankalp […]

History of South Indian Kingdoms

South Indian Kingdoms

Introduction – History of South Indian Kingdoms Experts believe that the history of the South Indian Kingdoms spreads over 5000 years. Southern India was considered to be undisputed in the ancient era by the invaders until the British entered this region. When historians talk about the history of South Indian Kingdoms, they will surely emphasize […]

Process of Elections in India (Part II)

Elections in India

Election Types in India & the World India is world’s largest democracy. People can elect representatives, who handle the administrative decisions as members of Governing bodies. ⇒ Primary Election → preliminary election which determines if a candidate will represent a political party during the general election. ⇒ General Election → nationwide election to elect a president or other political […]

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