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Computer Abbreviations

Computer Abbreviations

A A/D Analog To Digital. ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit. ASCII American Standard Code For Information Interchange. ASR Automatic Send And Receive. ATM Automated Teller Machine. B BCD Binary Coded Decimal. BIOS Basic Input/Output System. BIS Business Information System. BPS Bits Per Second. C CAD Computer-Aided Design. CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering. CD Compact […]

Informal Letter Format & Writing Style

Informal Letter Format

Writing Style for Informal Letters The name itself suggests that an informal letter would intend to be more casual in approach therefore, the writing involved will be short, simple and friendly depending on your familiarity with the recipient. An informal letter is written to friends, family, acquaintances etc. for personal communications. Informal Letter Format Now that you know the […]

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