Process of Elections in India (Part II)

Election Types in India & the World

India is world’s largest democracy. People can elect representatives, who handle the administrative decisions as members of Governing bodies.


⇒ Primary Election → preliminary election which determines if a candidate will represent a political party during the general election.

⇒ General Election → nationwide election to elect a president or other political officials.

 Special Elections → elections which are called at any time, to serve a specific purpose, which may include filling an unexpected vacancy in an elected office.

Election Types in India

Election Types in India

Election Types in India – Referendums & Plebiscites  

“A referendum can be called a plebiscite or ballot question in which the electorate is given the choice of accepting or rejecting a certain proposal. Amendments to the Constitution, adopting a new Constitution, recalling elected persons, and more like this are examples of a referendum. Referendums can be called direct democracy where the society has a direct role in the particular proposals.”

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