What is Coinome?

What is Coinome?

Coinome is an Indian online trading platform that deals mostly with cryptocurrency. Founded by Billdesk, a giant payment services brand in India, recently, this platform is one of the newest platforms of this type in the country and has already gained some attention.

You can also find plenty of information on the website of the company and follow the main trades and markets that might interest you, so you can be well informed before investing your cryptocurrency.

The objective of the platform, that is based in Mumbai, is to offer quick exchanges for Indian users. Using Coinome, you can change BTC for INR, for example.

How Does Coinome Work?

The platform works just like any other platform of its type. You create an account, transfer fiat money of cryptocurrency to the new account and exchange it.

The company plans to support 20 different types of cryptocurrencies in about one year, so there is plenty of space to grow. Unfortunately, at this moment, you still can only trade BTC and INR, but that is probably going to change soon.

How to Invest Using the Coinome?

To invest using this company, you will have to create an account first. Unfortunately, creating an account is not as easy as it is with some companies. You will need an Indian phone number, a valid email and an aadhar number. If you are not Indian nor live in the country, you should find another site to exchange your cryptocurrency for Rupees.

At this moment, you can only change Bitcoin and Rupees in the Coinome site, but that is going to change soon. Ethereum and Litecoin are going to be some of the first other cryptocurrencies to be used in Coinome.

If you have any doubt about how the site works, you can always contact Coinome’s support service.

The Coinome Verdict

Is this the company for you? First, you have to know that you should be Indian or at least live in the country if you want to use this company, so you can risk it off your list if you do not fit this criteria.

There is no red flag linked to Coinome and Billdesk is a very respected company in India, so if you plan to use Coinome, you can be assured that this is a safe platform and not a scam of any kind.

Coinome can be a very good choice for Indians, but probably more in the future than right now. You can only change Bitcoin at this moment in the company, so it offers a pretty limited service for now. You should visit Coinome again in a few months and check the updates to see if the company interests you.

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Updated: March 14, 2018 — 6:57 pm

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